Affair Motel

B - 303

B Room Type
B - 303

◦ 55-inch LCD TV
◦ Semi-outdoor garden
◦ Exclusive steam sauna chamber
◦ Mini Bar & fridge (free beverages, tea bags, mineral water, cookies)
◦ Spa jets of water
◦ Double Bubble Bathtub
◦ Personal TV at the bathroom
◦ King Size Double Bed
◦ Independent garage 
◦ Heater
◦ Broadband cable network/ Wi-Fi
The guest can prepare his (her) own laptop and borrow a cable from the front desk with deposit. The deposit will be returned after the guest checks out and returns the cable.

Affair Motel - Rooms

※The facilities vary from room to room according to the design styles of each room. Please base on the rooms availability.
※On weekdays, the rest duration is 3 hours. For special periods/special holidays, it is 2 hours.For any changes, please refer to the announcement on our site or you can contact us for further information.